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Continued exposure for nanoRep

In Q4 2011, my work w/ nanoRep – the helpdesk that gets smarter with every question asked – produced another crop of PR results.  The highlights included new case-studies with nanoRep customers in Inc., InformationWeek and CRM Magazine.  They continue the streak generated by our first press release and media relations follow-up in August.  I also wrote the copy for three homepage slides – my proud contribution to nanoRep’s new website design.

fring’s Contest with Antonio Sabato, Jr. Gets Closeup in Soap Opera Weekly

After generating CNBC coverage last year for mobile chat all-stars fring, we collaborated again on an exciting contest to give away a live video chat with soap star, Antonio Sabato, Jr.  The contest was promoted in a story in  Soap Opera Weekly’s Oct. 11 issue and online via sister website Soap Opera Digest.  Entries are being processed on fring’s website through October 17, and the contest is being promoted via social media from both Soap Opera Digest and fring.  Here’s a video of Antonio using fring to video chat with his fans.  The contest winner can expect similar treatment from him.

‘Because I Care – Israel’ Gets New Website

Because I Care – Israel, the nonprofit organization dedicated to improving environmental awareness and social activism in Israel, has lauched their new website, and it looks tremendous.  I’m proud to have authored all its core content.  An extremely talented graphic designer named Tamar Yadin did all the artwork and social media integration.  Congratulations!