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Tel Aviv Gay Vibe to Launch Website in 2011

TEL AVIV GAY VIBE is a collaboration between Israel’s Ministry of Tourism, the Tel Aviv Tourism Board and Israel’s preeminent LGBT institution, the Agudah to fulfill the city’s promise as the world’s newest gay capital.

The tourism campaign approached me in 2010 to write promotional material for the “Win the Vibe!” contest on its Facebook page. The sweepstakes called for fans to submit user-generated content to vie for a travel package prize to Tel Aviv.  Its success led the campaign to tap me for other projects, including writing content for the page’s new custom tabs, a press release for the Tel Aviv Gay Vibe Beach Party in Cologne, Germany and promotional materials for the Tel Aviv Gay Vibe Endless Summer Weekend. I assumed the page’s administrator responsibilities, filled it with daily content and steered conversations with fans – all of which more than doubled the fan count within six months.

In 2011 the campaign will launch a companion website to book online travel packages and syndicate a daily rundown of the city’s LGBT events. ‘I’m excited to be the site’s webmaster and oversee blogging and publishing duties.

Saki-Kaki Likes Facebook, New Website

Saki-Kaki is the flagship program for Because I Care – Israel, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving environmental awareness and social kindness in Israel by strengthening the concept of respect in the hearts of Israelis.

A household name in Israel, Saki-Kaki provides dog-owners with convenient, disposable bags to clean up after their dogs via a network of eye-catching dispensary boxes on sidewalks and in parks. The program distributed over 5 million bags in 2010, and expansion continues throughout the country  more than seventy-five cities, Kibbutzim and Moshavim. In 2010 they tapped me to create their Facebook page and publish daily, relevant content to people interested in the core values of respect, teamwork, conflict resolution and more.

In 2011 I began collaborating with Because I Care – Israel to create content for their new website. Through this project, I’m excited to help the organization launch their newest project – an education program aimed at Israel’s kindergartners with the goal of raising a new generation of cooperative leaders and problem solvers.

United Parents Protects Kids Online

United Parents Child Protection Service is the solution for parents who want to safely guide their child’s online activities and respect their privacy.

The group of internet security and child safety experts realizes that today’s children have more social interactions on the web than anywhere else. Their software identifies and roots out potential child predators and cyberbullies, while keeping the details of kids online conversations private.

I’ll be directing a national PR campaign for them in 2011 to introduce their solution to the U.S. market. In 2010 I did the copywriting for their new website and web app, which also included SMS alerts and administrative emails.

They are now in a closed beta program, which will soon expand to wider testing. Click here to register for their open beta and be notified when it’s available.