Open for business

In May 2010 I registered as an independent worker (freelancer) with the Israeli tax office and began the exciting journey of starting my own business. I offer clients three primary services:

Public relations this is a continuation of the work I’ve done in New York since 1995. I write compelling pitches and press releases, outreach to the most appropriate media contacts and generate meaningful coverage for my clients. My experience and media relationships in North America are perfect for companies in Israel’s booming high tech sector, who want to make an impact in the U.S.

Social media strategy & implementation since I live on Facebook and Twitter, when I was offered the job managing the Facebook page and Twitter feed for the world’s largest coffee marketplace ROASTe, I said  why not? Having grown their FB fan-base almost 600% (as of Oct 2010), picked up new clients in the space, planned strategies for LinkedIn, Flickr and Foursquare, learned basic HTML and created custom tabs and landing pages, I realized I’ve got the bona fides to join the ranks of experts in the new Wild West of social media.

Copywriting when friendships among Tel Aviv’s dynamic Twitter community led to a job writing the new homepage for Sparkeo, and that led to several more jobs writing text for mobile apps and websites, I realized I had a third strong service I could offer clients. I really enjoy copywriting work.

I mostly work from home w/ my rescued shelter-dog companion Petey, although sometimes I do copywriting work on site at my clients offices. Owning my own business is an experience that is definitely beyond my wildest dreams. I’m especially excited to launch today and hang my own OPEN sign out in cyberspace.

Image Credit: Chip Griffin