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Bontune: How many beats are in 140 characters?

Bontune is a mobile social network for music lovers who want to express their mood by sharing the music on their phones.

In September 2010, I collaborated with the co-founders to write all the screens for the mobile app and supporting website. Visit to download the music discovery and sharing tool for your Nokia mobile device. #FriendsMakeTheBestDJs

Sparkeo gets a new homepage

In July 2010, I was hired for my first copywriting project  a homepage redesign for Israeli startup, Sparkeo. Having more than fifteen years experience writing press releases and media pitches, I had not realized those skills were also applicable to this arena as well. Yet back in March 2010, I had already written more than twenty pages of original content for ORAM‘s website relaunch. Based on that work, I landed the Sparkeo project.

I helped Sparkeo draft three new slides for their homepage, a new mission statement and another homepage module featuring six bullet points. So far, the successful outcome has led to copywriting projects for two other clients, and *voilà!* my professional capabilities multiplied by a third.

National Coverage for Tawkon – blog, print & broadcast

In June 2010, Seital - Marketing Strategy & Implementation added me to their team of experts to lead media and blogger relations for Israeli startup tawkon, developers of the only mobile app that shows your cell phone radiation exposure in real-time and suggests ways to lower it.

I drafted pitches and conducted outreach for multiple campaigns over a five-month period, including ‘The People’s Video Letter to Apple‘ (which I also co-authored and made cameos in ‘ 0:12, 0:46) and the launch of tawkon-for-Android. Coverage included The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Financial Times, WIRED, CNET, Gizmodo, TheStreet, ABC News Radio and Kurt the Cyber Guy.