The show Scott must go on

Scott & the City

From 1997-1999, I pursued acting and went on film, television and stage auditions in New York City.  My reel is…..short.  My highlight is either appearing off-Broadway at the Pulse Ensemble Theatre for five performances of an original production, or my role as an extra in episode 4, season one of Sex & the City. It’s a toss up.

I have two quick stories about SATC. The first involves the scene I’m in, which is the screen shot that appears above. We’re in a bar called Madame X on Houston Street in Manhattan. The actor Timothy Olyphant is headed over to the bar to get drinks for Carrie and the girls in the episode titled, “Valley of the Twenty-Something Guys.” I’m an extra, just dancing, talking and smoking. But I had the good fortune to be positioned exactly in Mr. Olyphant’s path on his way to the bar. So, the director gave me my own special cue, to know when to move out of the way. To start the scene, he yelled, “Action!” and then about five seconds later, he called out, “Action, Scott!” Yeah, that’s right. I’m so famous.

The second story is the better one. When I was leaving for the day, I ended up directly behind star Sarah Jessica Parker. Now SATC hadn’t aired yet, so at that point in her career, she was probably best known for playing Dan Hedaya’s second wife in The First Wives Club, or maybe for the 80′s sitcom Square Pegs. I was a fan, however, and I wanted to compliment her on something she probably didn’t hear all the time. So, I said to her – “Excuse me, Ms. Parker?  I just loved you in ‘Mars Attacks.’” (If you’ve never seen it, she plays a reporter hot for Michael J. Fox’s White House press secretary. Her kiss scene with Fox near the end of the film is classic – because the Martians have put her head onto her chihuahua’s body, and Fox has been similarly altered. They are together on the chair of a spacecraft, unable to grab hold of one another to steal their first kiss, which has been pent up for the entire film.) Anyway, Sarah Jessica was a perfect doll to me, turning around and demurely replying, “Why, thank you!”

Here’s a quick list of my “filmography”: