Monthly Archive for January, 2011

2012 Jerusalem Marathon

Equal parts brutal and exhilerating – that was my first Jerusalem Marathon experience: March 16, 2012. This wasn’t my first marathon – it was my 13th – but it was my first in these conditions: extreme hills.  Jerusalem is situated in the Judean Mountains, and the race course is rarely flat.  We were constantly going up […]

‘Pinkwashing’ Deconstructed

I’m very proud to have authored this guest post, ‘Pinkwashing’ Deconstucted, on British, Jewish, Zionist blogger Ray Cook’s blog.  Please have a click and read it – then, post, share & RT ! UPDATE:  my essay has since been cross-posted at CiF Watch, The Recovering Politician  – and on December 21st an updated version was […]

My 9/11 Story

September 11 was something that happened a long time ago.   I never think about it – although I do look reflexively for the Twin Towers whenever I’m crossing West Broadway on Spring Street [the view there was just so – Pow! - dead-on, centered]…and I still crane my neck to look for them downtown when I come out of the Holland […]

Pinkwashing, Whitewashing, Brainwashing

I feel a ton of pressure as I start this post.  I want it to be about the origins, dishonesty and impact of the term ‘Pinkwashing,’ and how the North American and EU LGBT communities are being exploited, deceived and manipulated to defame and demonize Israel by a small number of anti-Semitic activists, some of whom […]