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Once Upon a Time…

…this used to be my professional website – from when I was a freelance media relations/PR, social media and copywriting professional (2010-2011).  But since joining The Cline Group in January 2012, all my professional work is done exclusively through our powerful holistic marketing organization.

This website will become a personal blog for my other career as a writer, but its metamorphosis won’t be a priority for me until I finish the memoir I’m writing.  If you’re looking for a professional solution to map your  business strategy to your marketing/PR activities and successfully penetrate the U.S. market, hop on over to If you’re trying to learn more about me personally, hover your cursor over the PERSONAL tab in the overhead navigation to get a drop-down menu of some of my published writing and other interesting Scotty tidbits – or follow me on Intstagram, Vine (@scottpiro) and Twitter.

Wot Went Wrong? – Nothing!

Last summer I met an Australian entrepreneur with a big idea – create an online way for people to find out why a date or new relationship that seemed so promising…vanished.  Audrey Melnik developed her concept into a web app called Wot Went Wrong and tapped me for its media launch.  Right from the start, I sensed the project had runaway media potential – to plug into that zeitgeisty ‘sweet spot’ – a way to finally answer the timeless question of “Why didn’t he call?” that the media would love to write about.

As I researched the dating apps that received the most coverage during 2011 to pinpoint my top targets list, I saw a pattern around which I could craft the perfect narrative.  The coverage was completely lopsided:  There were a ton of dating apps – every month a new one would receive heaps of splashy coverage in the biggest tech  & social media blogs – but almost no breakup apps.  I knew that was my hook – and even created a Delicious stack for my pitch to build out this premise.

Our success exceeded my expectations.  Coverage in outlets like The Huffington Post, All Things D, The Wall Street Journal, ABC News, CNN, Yahoo! Shine, A.P., Reuters, CNET, Jezebel, Glamour, Forbes, FastCompany, The Atlantic Wire, Read Write Web, Thrillest, UrbanDaddy and YourTango took our cumulative audience impressions past 400 million in only six weeks.  The project didn’t include broadcast outreach, but that didn’t stop TV & radio news outlets in L.A., Chicago, Dallas and Phoenix and cable networks in Canada from seeking us out and interviewing Audrey on air.

Then, we went global.  With absolutely no outreach to foreign markets, we received coverage in the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Japan, China, Hong Kong, India, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Croatia, Slovenia and Mexico.

I’m excited about Wot Went Wrong following me to The Cline Group for PR - and adding social media management to the mix.  Next stop….[stay tuned]

[destination]: The Cline Group

I am extremely pleased to announce that after leading a solo communications consulting practice in Tel Aviv for two years, I have accepted a position with The Cline Group - a fully integrated strategic communication and marketing firm with offices in the U.S. and Israel.  As Vice President, Interactive Marketing & Communications, I will lead media relations and social media campaigns directed towards North American markets.  I’m joining an extremely talented and personable group of marketing, PR, SEO and social media professionals located in Israel and Philadelphia, PA – my hometown!  The fact that my new position requires me to work out of Philly a few times a year and see my family and friends is the cherry on top of a fourth-dimension, knockout, no-brainer opportunity☄